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Hospital Benchmarking Reports

Check your progress. See where you stand. Justify your advancements.

Imagine the most comprehensive and current information network for the advancement of healthcare IT initiatives in the country - at your disposal. A valuable benefit of participating in the Annual Study, Benchmarking Reports deliver the most detailed snapshot of the state of healthcare IT today, giving you the insight and intelligence to devise efficient solutions, operational advancements and plans for the future.

Align IT initiatives with overall business strategy. Deliver an expert plan for future development. No matter what challenges you face, you can count on HIMSS Analytics Middle East for primary information to inform and support your decisions - today and tomorrow.

Click on the images below to expand the graphs:

EMRAM Report
Compare your EMRAMSM score to similar hospitals or your country's average score. 

FTE Report
Compare your organisation to similar providers. 

Budget Report
Pull intelligence to drive priorities, support initiatives and plan for "what's next".




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