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Annual Study

Stay ahead of the curve.

Participation in the Annual Study gives you exclusive access to the most accurate and current market intelligence available in the region. The insight is available only to participating providers, and you can use it to improve processes and advance your organisation.

Completing the study also gives you an EMR Adoption ModelSM score, your special ranking you can work against in the pursuit of improving quality of care and patient safety and care delivery effiencies.

Annual Study Insights.

  • The Annual Study collects information systems data relating to software and products and hardware inventory, and answers to specialty questions relating to clinician use of healthcare information technology.
  • The study relates the current status of EMR implementation across Middle East. The aggregate information is de-identified and shared with other healthcare providers who also complete the study to enable and encourage collaboration as well as advance healthcare IT initiatives overall.
  • Departments may work together to streamline completion of the study, and HIMSS Analytics Middle East offers one-on-one personal assistance to help guide you through the study process/answer questions/offer options to streamline completion.

The Annual Study Advantage.

Achieving operational efficiency takes a thorough plan, superior tools and clear vision. You need to be able to spot trends and opportunities, and deliver insight for advancements and planning. When you participate in HIMSS Analytics Middle East's Annual Study, you'll receive a wealth of valuable resources that can enrich your view of healthcare IT and take your organisation to the next level, including:

  • Your EMRAM Score
  • Benchmarking Reports
  • Software Market Share and Software Installation Status Report

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EMR Adoption ModelSM
Stage Cumulative Capabilities
Stage 7 Complete EMR; CCD transactions to share data; Data warehousing; Data continuity with ED, ambulatory, OP
Stage 6 Physician documentation (structured templates), full CDSS (variance & compliance), closed loop medication administration
Stage 5 Full R-PACS
Stage 4 CPOE, Clinical Decision Support (clinical protocols)
Stage 3 Nursing/clinical documentation (flow sheets), CDSS (error checking), PACS available outside Radiology
Stage 2 CDR, Controlled Medical Vocabulary, CDS, may have Document Imaging; HIE capable
Stage 1 Ancillaries - Lab, Rad, Pharmacy - All Installed
Stage 0 All Three Ancillaries Not Installed
Data from HIMSS Analytics® Database ©2012 HIMSS Analytics

To participate in the HIMSS Analytics Middle East' Annual Study contact us at: +65 6664 1185 or .

"The HIMSS Analytics Annual Study enables Dubai Health Authority to get hold of the “the big picture” of what is happening electronically in Dubai and the rest of the World. It also assists hospitals deliver better and safer patient care through use of Health IT."

- Dr. Mohammad Al Redha
Director, Health Data & Information Analysis Department – Health Policy & Strategy Sector, Dubai Health Authority

More Insight and Intelligence!
Download the Annual Study Sell Sheet
If you are a healthcare provider and would like more information on how to obtain your hospital's EMRAM score, contact Tina Hashim at:
+65 6664 1185 or email her at .