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Consulting for Providers

Mine deeper, plan better.

HIMSS Analytics searches and examines the complete database, precisely extracting and managing select criteria for a richer view of EMRAMSM progress.

Executive Consulting Services

With personal guidance and support for your highly customised information needs, we go beyond the data, helping you realize operational efficiencies and improved patient care.

Gap Analysis
Identify next steps and construct implementation plans for moving through stages in the Middle East EMR Adoption Model.

Extended Benchmarking
Slice and dice the data for a detailed look at peer specifics. Get a more intimate look at how your organisation's IT application portfolio and operational processes compare to others through peer interviews, recommending best practices, and more.

Governance Consulting
Position your IT department as an essential contributor to the stakeholders' and the organisation's bottom line through optimised strategies and improved planning processes.

IT Application Portfolio Evaluation
We can provide your organisation's operational or planned IT capabilities relative to your peers.

Advisory and Analytical Provisions
We can collect the necessary intelligence to help you advise stakeholders on IT trends and future market scenarios, as well as analyze IS department costs and staffing ratios derived from cost and workload peer input data.

Executive Consulting solution is ideal for organisations who are:

  • About to implement new applications or technologies
  • Considering a staff decrease or increase

For more information, contact

Senior Market Research Associate