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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the Annual Study?

The time to complete the Study is specific to each hospital. Factors that may influence the time it takes to complete the study include: a hospital's current level of participation, the size of the hospital or health system, and the number of staff changes and IT implementations that have taken place within the hospital over the past year.

How is the data used?

The gathered data is used to create a realistic portrait of the health IT landscape - how hospitals are making the transition to paperless and what types of vendors and products they are using to get there. The data acts as the source for provider benchmarking reports and enables us to offer the highest caliber of custom research and consulting. In addition, technology companies may purchase a subscription to the HIMSS Analytics® Middle East Database.

How can hospitals submit or update their data?

We offer several convenient ways for providers to submit or update their data-via an online portal, via phone, vial Excel, or through any combination of the three. Whichever way you choose to provide your data, our Market Research Associates will work closely with you to ensure the most efficient and accurate data input experience.

Who is the primary contact for a hospital?

While this can change from hospital to hospital, the primary contact is generally someone in the CIO position or working closely with them. However, we encourage hospitals to enlist members from other departments when filling out the study as this makes the process faster and more accurate. HIMSS Analytics Middle East's Market Research Associates will also work closely with these associates to help them fill out their section of the study.

How long does it take to get reports after the data is submitted?

After the study is closed, the data is submitted to our quality team and then published.


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"The HIMSS Analytics Annual Study provides SEHA with a trusted source of data through which each of our facilities can compare their progress toward the level of EMRAM adoption."

- Robert Pickton,
Group Chief Information Officer, SEHA

To learn more about participating in HIMSS Analytics Middle East' Annual Study, contact Tina Hashim at:
+65 6664 1185 or email her at