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Who We Serve

HIMSS Analytics offers specific solutions for a wide range of healthcare-related organisations.

Healthcare Providers
Healthcare IT Companies
Government Agencies

For Healthcare Providers

HIMSS Analytics offers providers self-advancing tools, enabling them to become change agents for their organisations. As a partner to the healthcare community, HIMSS Analytics fosters technology-related diligence, dialogue and collaboration among hospitals and other healthcare organisations. Some of the ways in which providers utilize our data, research and consulting include:

  • Cross-departmental planning and execution of IT initiatives
  • Identifying other providers with whom to collaborate and knowledge-share
  • Budget and resource planning and realignment
  • Insight and support for application and technology advancements, staff increase/decrease, governance initiatives, and advisory directives

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For Healthcare IT Companies

HIMSS Analytics provides health IT companies with robust market intelligence to help optimise your marketing and sales strategies so that you can get to market smarter and faster. Our market intelligence, research and consulting helps vendors:

  • Gain a richer understanding of the market in order to structure and target their sales and marketing efforts
  • Align their product development strategies to current and future market trends
  • Develop added-value sales and marketing tools as well as customer deliverables

It all starts with the most accurate, up-to-date data in the industry.
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For Consultants

For consultants and other organisations in need of the highest quality health IT data and research to shape strategic plans or provide other types of business direction, HIMSS Analytics is your one-stop shop.

By applying traditional and custom research methods to the most up-to-date and accurate data in the industry, HIMSS Analytics helps you deliver proprietary solutions while maximizing your staff and budget resources. Find out more about our Market Research Services.

Use the HIMSS Analytics® Middle East Database to help you with your own business building initiatives, including prospecting and marketing campaigns.

For Government Agencies

Government organisations and agencies from local to national can benefit from HIMSS Analytics's custom research and reporting to gain a clearer picture of EMR adoption across a country, region or state. This information can help shape policy, guide strategic initiatives, and identify areas for improvement.