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Stage 7 Award: Shared Patient Data, Without Paper.

Since 2005, HIMSS Analytics' EMR Adoption ModelSM (EMRAM) has tracked the adoption of EMR applications within hospitals and health systems across the US. Institutions work to complete the 8 stages (0 - 7), with the goal of reaching Stage 7: an environment where paper charts are no longer used.

The Pinnacle Achievement

Providers who have reached Stage 7 are recognised for having achieved all the steps necessary towards a paperless environment. They have a very real competitive and quality advantage, as they support the true sharing, information exchange and immediate delivery of patient data to improve process performance, quality of care and patient safety.

Stage 7 Designees can:

  • Share patient clinical information via electronic transaction with all entities within the entire health information exchange network
  • Support the true sharing, widespread and comprehensive use of health and wellness information by consumers and providers
  • Use data warehousing and mining techniques to capture and analyze care data to perfect, advance and institute organisation-wide operational, financial and quality improvements

To be eligible for the Stage 7 Award, hospitals must first participate in the HIMSS Analytics assessment in order to receive their EMRAM score. This assessment collects detailed HIT data and tracks the implementation and adoption of EMR applications through each stage of the EMR Adoption Model. Validation of Stage 6 and Stage 7 facilities are conducted via on-site visits.

Learn more about the Stage 7 journey through their case studies.
If you are a healthcare provider and would like more information on how to obtain your hospital's EMRAM score, contact Tina Hashim at:
+65 6664 1185 or email her at .