Industry Expert Webinar: Healthcare Analytics in Real Life: How to Start a Clinical, Operational or Financial Project Based on Business Intelligence

Event Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Event Time: 11:00 - 12:00 (Arabian Time) / 10:00 - 11:00 (Saudi Arabia Time)
Event Location: Web Meeting
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About the Topic:
The whole healthcare world is taken by storm by the Analytics and Big Data phenomenon and innovations. Not many healthcare institutions though have found out how to start in a practical, simple and effective way Analytics projects in "real life", within their organizational and technological setups and taking into account their expectations, resources, skills and specificities.

The webinar is aimed at sharing lessons learned and best practices to help your organization successfully start a project based on a modern BI tool and Professional Services.

Learning Objectives:
You will be guided through a conceptual framework and some practical examples and techniques to get started with your adventure in Healthcare Analytics and Insights. You will learn more about GE's CAP (Change Acceleration Process) techniques and FastWorks approach and what benefits these can bring to your organization.

About the Speaker:

Alessio Schiavone, Marketing Manager for Analytics and Professional Services, GE Healthcare Digital EMEA

2004 - MSC in Economics and Business @ Universita Commerciale L. Bocconi - Milan (Italy)

Degree thesis on the application of Six Sigma and other quantitative methods in the Product Development process.

Six Sigma and FastWorks certified.

Professional Experience:
10+ years in the Healthcare Business in various roles, from Finance to Marketing and Sales. Specialized in the launch of new solutions and services.

Has been leading the launch and commercialization of GE Healthcare's innovative DoseWatch solution, to help hospitals achieve better awareness and optimize the radiation dose given to patients through analytics.

Since 2015 has been working on the launch of GE Healthcare Digital's Healthcare Insights - a consultative Professional Service based on the powerful GE Healthcare Insights Business Intelligence set of applications.