HIMSS | Health 2.0 - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Health Conference & Exhibition

HIMSS Saudi Arabia 2020
29 Nov - 3 Dec, 2020 | Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

General HIMSS Events Guidelines


Exhibitors wishing to hang a banner need to seek approval from HIMSS. Please submit your request to your HIMSS Representative.


Balloons on stands must be tied securely and must not obstruct gangways. Retrieval charges will apply to any balloons which escape into the venue roof. Any helium or other gas canisters must be removed from the site immediately after use and stored away from the hall. Cylinders cannot be connected or disconnected during event opening times. SEE GAS & COMPRESS AIR.


Exhibitors and contractors must use carpet tapes when laying carpets which has a low tack bottom, high tack grab top and doesn’t leave any residue or cause any damage once removed. Cable clips, nails and bolts are prohibited. Charges to remove any tape left on the floor after the show will be passed directly to the relevant exhibitor.


It is important that all members attending from your company including your contractors have read and understood the new Construction, Design & Management 2015 guidelines. The resource pack can be downloaded here with pages 6-8 and 12-13 being of the upmost importance.


Children aged 16 or under are NOT permitted in the halls during build-up or breakdown periods. Children must be accompanied at all times during the event.


Neither the Organisers nor the venue accept any responsibility for any damage or loss of property by the Exhibitors or their agents/contractors. Exhibitors are especially warned that the exhibits are the sole responsibility of the exhibitors to whom they belong. Exhibitors should affect their own insurance against all risks. The strongest possible precautions against pilferage should be taken at all times. Exhibitors must ensure that they have adequate insurance protection. As a minimum we require that you have £1 million General Liability insurance and we also recommend Third Party cover and protection against loss/theft. You are reminded that you will be charged for making good any damage to the hall or stand area, including the floor, caused by your staff or contractors. Under no circumstances can stand construction, graphics, displays, etc. be attached to the fabric of the building. See the INSURANCE section for more information.


The organisers cannot accept deliveries on exhibitor’s behalf; arrangements must be made for a representative to be available on the stand and drivers delivering goods on behalf of exhibitors must be supplied with full information about which stand the delivery is for. It is strongly recommended that you use the venues recommended courier company to deliver any items to the venue.


Exhibitors are required to remain in their own booth space during exhibit hours. Solicitation outside your booth in any way is strictly prohibited. Orders may be taken during the normal activity on the exhibit floor in your purchased booth space, but retail sales are not permitted.


There are emergency procedures at the venue, which all exhibitors, their staff and contractors must be made aware of. You are also asked to check for suspect packages/objects both morning and evening and to ensure that briefcases and bags are kept safely locked away at all times to prevent causing unnecessary concern. Be aware of the location of the nearest fire extinguisher and emergency exit.


Please register all your stand staff as exhibitors (not delegates) by using the link that is provided to you once payment has been received. Exhibitor badges will then be available to collect when you arrive on site. Please note exhibitor badges will not be posted out in advance.


All materials used for the interiors of stands must be thoroughly fireproofed or be non-combustible to the satisfaction of the local authority. All fabrics, drapes, curtains, hangings, etc. must be inherently or durably flame-proofed. Alternatively they may be treated with a proprietary flame retardant. Test certificates must be available for inspection for any materials intended to be used. Fabrics used for interior stand decoration must be fixed taut and/or in tight pleats (not loosely draped) to a solid backing, secured above floor level and not touching light fittings.

Artificial plants and flowers are not permitted. Silk-type flowers are acceptable, providing they are fireproof or have been treated and marked as such.


Exhibitors intending to show films, including feature films, adverts or trailers must notify HIMSS no later than 28 days prior to the event.


Any professional filming/ photography of the event, conferences and exhibition are not permitted without prior written approval from the organisers.


Fire extinguishers are located at points around the hall. Any person who notices a fire should:

  1. Immediately break the glass on the nearest fire alarm point (these are located at each fire door and other fire exits).
  2. Inform a member of the venue staff giving the location and nature of the incident.

Fire escape routes should be kept free from obstruction at all times.


Under no circumstance are exhibitors’ stand dressing, tables and chairs, etc. allowed to encroach into the gangways. Any item that is encroaching onto the gangways will be removed.


Compressed gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) can only be used within the venue with prior written consent. Details of any proposed use of compressed gas must be submitted to HIMSS no later than 28 days prior to the event and must include the gases or liquids proposed, the sizes of cylinders or vessels and their working pressures.

Compressed gas cylinders (including helium) must be removed from the hall immediately after use and stored in an area agreed by the venue. Cylinders cannot be connected or disconnected during event opening times.


Any exhibit, process or feature that is likely to generate and/or emit gases, vapours liquids, fumes or dusts into the venue must not be used without prior written approval from the organisers. Contact your HIMSS Representative for further details.


Exhibitors must refer to the Health & Safety information at the end of this manual and complete both the Health & Safety Declaration and Risk Assessment Forms. Completion and submission of these forms is compulsory. Please also provide proof of your Public Liability insurance cover. Please see the INSURANCE and DAMAGE & LOSS sections for further information.


Any exhibitor wishing to build a stand that has any section or part of it higher than 4m must seek permission from the organisers and send three sets of detailed structural drawings including plan views and elevations, calculations, specifications, risk assessments and method statement to your HIMSS Representative.

When building on a shared island where the height exceeds that of the neighbouring stand(s), the exhibitor must finish/clad the reverse walls to an acceptable standard and must not place any signage or branding on these walls.


Whilst every precaution is taken to protect your property during the event, responsibility cannot be accepted by the organisers for any loss or damage that may occur to personnel or property of any exhibitors. Exhibitors should carry adequate insurance for both before and during the event. As a minimum we require that you have General Liability insurance cover of £1 million. Please send your proof of cover by submitting a copy of your policy cover note along with your Health & Safety Declaration to your HIMSS representative.


Any lost property should be handed in to the event security company during the open period of the event. At the end of each day, items should be handed over to the venue’s duty manager. Any items will be kept for three months.


If you arrange a meeting on your stand for a commercial delegate please note that they will be charged an entrance fee unless prior written approval has been given from HIMSS.


Your music must not disturb the neighbouring stands. The maximum volume is 75 dB. Please observe event specific limits.


HIMSS recommends the use of night sheets in order to assist with the security of stands. These must be of inherently non-flammable material or material that has been treated to render it non-flammable.

These must be safely stored away during the open period of the event. They should not be left next to or behind stands where they may protrude into gangways or impede emergency exit routes.


The use of microphones, videos or music* is permitted but the volume must not be such as to cause any annoyance to other exhibitors. The organisers reserve the right to restrict or prohibit their use.

*Any music played in a public place is subject to licensing.


Please note that smoking (including smoking of e-cigarettes) is prohibited in all areas of the venue, in accordance with current legislation. Designated external smoking areas can be found outside the main entrance.


The sampling of food and/or drink from exhibition stands may be permitted however prior approval must be sought. All food safety and hygiene regulations must be complied with.

Soft & Hot drinks, Beers, ciders and similar 50ml; wine, fortified wine, champagne, alcopops and similar 25ml; spirits & similar 5ml. Acceptable food sample sizes are bite-sized portions & individually wrapped items (off-site consumption only).


A Space Only Stand is simply an empty space on the exhibition floor.

Every exhibitor who has booked a space only site must submit the following:

  • Plans of your proposed stand design
  • Method Statement
  • Certificate of Public Liability Insurance
  • Risk assessment (Space Only)
  • Health & Safety Declaration Form

Space Only

Lighting and power are NOT included with Space Only Stands. All electrical requirements should be ordered from the venue using your online exhibitor portal.

*Always make sure you order sufficient power supply for the items you are bringing along to the show. If in doubt, contact the electrical contractors for advice. If you employ a stand contractor to design/construct your stand please make sure they are aware of this requirement. All construction must adhere to the stand build rules and regulations.


Any exhibit that may contain the following will need to notify your HIMSS Representative for prior approval:

High Power Scenic Projectors, Laser Displays, Pyrotenics, Real Flame, Smoke Machines, Strobe Lighting or Ultraviolet Lights.


Excess stock, literature and packing cases may not be stored around or behind stands, unless contained within a lockable storeroom (doors must have a vision panel). Any proposed store rooms must be shown on your final stand plan.


Exhibitors may not assign, sublet, or share their exhibit space with another business or firm unless approval has been obtained in writing from HIMSS. Exhibitors must show goods or services manufactured or dealt in by them in the regular course of business. Should an article of a non-exhibiting firm be required for operation or demonstration in an exhibitor’s display, identification of such article shall be limited to the usual and regular nameplates imprint, or trademark under which it is sold in the general course of business.


Any unpaid booth spaces will be released. Any company with an unpaid balance will have their freight & badges refused by HIMSS until the balance is paid in full. If your badges are denied due to your failure to pay the balance on your booth, HIMSS cannot be held responsible.


Any exhibitors wishing to publicly show video(s) or DVD recordings must apply for a license directly to Video Performance Ltd.


At the close of the event, exhibitors are required to remove all waste from the hall including excess brochures and literature. Any excessive waste that has to be disposed of by the venue will be charged to the exhibitor.

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