UAE eHealth Week
17-19 March, 2019 | Dubai, UAE

Dr. Shada AlSalamah

Visiting Scholar, MIT and Assistant Professor
Healthcare information Systems Security, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Alsalamah is a contributor to the global healthcare sector modernization movement through her work on secure, mobile, and intelligent solutions for emerging healthcare delivery models using Blockchain and Open Algorithms. She is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Media Lab, MIT working with Professor Alex "Sandy" Pentland's Human Dynamics group on the application of the Blockchain in healthcare. She is also an Assistant Professor of Healthcare Information Systems Security at King Saud University, and serves as the Vice President of the mHealth Solutions Division at AnmarIT. She also consults for Pacioli, MedEra, C4C, and The Centre of Excellence in Information Assurance.

Dr. Alsalamah holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science with a specialty in healthcare information system security and privacy, as well as a MSc degree in Strategic Information Systems with Information assurance from Cardiff University, UK. Furthermore, Dr. Alsalamah is a member of the editorial review board of a number of international journals and has been an invited speaker and a panelist at a number of regional and international events, including, Misk Talk, Blockchain in Healthcare, United Nations, OCED, University of Oxford, ASPEN, and the Science Collaboration Symposium on Cyber Security. 


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