Imprivata Launches New Patient Identification Platform to Address Increasing National Medical Identity Theft and Improve Patient Safety

Imprivata PatientSecure® Positively Identifies Patients and Securely Matches them to their Unique Medical Record Using Cutting-Edge Palm Vein Biometrics

Lexington, Mass. - August 25, 2015 - Imprivata® (NYSE: IMPR), the healthcare IT security company, today launched Imprivata PatientSecure®, an innovative positive patient identification solution that uses palm vein biometrics to create a one-to-one link between patients and their correct medial record in their provider's electronic health record (EHR) system. Patient misidentification is a growing national problem-on average seven to 10 percent of patients are misidentified when their medical records are accessed. In addition, medical identity theft impacted more than 2 million Americans in 2014 and is growing 22 percent per year. In April, Imprivata acquired HT Systems of Tampa, Fla. and its PatientSecure positive patient identification solution, which has identified more than 22 million patients across more than 350 hospitals and thousands of affiliated clinics.

"Patient misidentification is fast becoming one of the biggest challenges facing care delivery organizations as they grapple with the growing need to combat increased attempts at identity theft and insurance fraud while also trying to reduce duplicate medical records and patient identification mistakes," said David Wiener, general manager, Imprivata PatientSecure Products Group. "As our healthcare system continues to digitize, enabling care delivery organizations to leverage a simple and secure identification platform is critical to enhancing the patient experience and addressing the growing medical identity theft and insurance fraud nationally."

Imprivata PatientSecure addresses the increasing need to accurately identify patients by matching individuals and their digital health record with a simple scan of hand to capture the unique palm vein pattern of a patient. The solution directly integrates with leading healthcare information systems and helps improve patient safety and satisfaction, eliminate duplicate medical records and overlays, drive revenue cycle efficiency, and safeguard against identity theft and insurance fraud. By leveraging its sales, marketing and engineering expertise, Imprivata is accelerating investment to expand the development and adoption of the Imprivata PatientSecure solution globally as providers look to address critical patient identification issues.

"Since deploying our palm vein biometric identification platform, we have significantly reduced registration errors and lowered our duplicate medical record rate to 0.11 percent of our patient census, which is 80 times better than the national average. Along with garnering positive feedback and compliance from patients using the solution we have also experienced improvement in our front-end patient registration process, which has enhanced our overall revenue cycle management operation," said Craig Richardville, Chief Information Officer of Carolinas Healthcare System, one of the nation's leading healthcare organizations with more than 900 care locations throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

In June 2015 testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions - in a hearing on Health Information Exchange: A Path Towards Improving the Quality and Value of Health Care for Patients - Mr. Richardville gave expert testimony on his organization's early adoption of palm vein biometric identification technology and the positive impact it has had on improving patient identification, security, and safety.

Imprivata PatientSecure is designed to make the patient enrollment process, check-in, and registration process fast and easy, while providing patients with security and protection of their privacy. The solution's palm vein scanner is not intrusive to patients, making it an ideal form of identification at any point in the care process. When deployed with a self-service kiosk solution, Imprivata PatientSecure further reduces wait times and helps improve patient satisfaction measures such as HCAHPS scores that impact hospital's Meaningful Use targets.

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